Sound systems come in all shapes and sizes, there are many options available to meet your needs.  The end result of any sound system is that it must sound good.   No matter how elaborate or creative an Audio Design may be, if it doesn't sound good... it doesn't sound good.  At that point, the creative design is a distraction and more often than not, that is what we see.  

When a system sounds good...


That is not by mistake!

Big full sound at moderate levels, even coverage, great intelligibility, and easy to operate equipment; that is the goal everyone strives for.  And at XLmediaworks, inc... that is our standard. We design superior systems that last longer.  We make it a priority to meet and/or exceed client expectations and work hard to make sure you...


Line-Array Speaker and Amplification Systems

Digital Mixing Consoles for FOH, Broadcast, and Monitors

Wireless Microphone and In-Ear Monitoring Systems

Hard Disc Audio Capture System for Multi-Track Recording 

Stage Monitor System with Dedicated Monitor Console

Quick Connect System for fast Stage Patching




Video systems have progressed rapidly over the last 5 years.  Advancements in technologies such as LED Panels, Laser Projectors, HD Cameras, and digital video distribution systems open up unlimited possibilities and are less expensive than ever.

High Definition (HD) has become the standard in video.  While many Standard Definition (SD) systems still exist, they require converters to interface with HD equipment and are rapidly becoming a thing of the past. 

Video switchers, routers, and VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) systems allow any source to reach any destination and can be controlled by multiple users within the network.

LED (Light Emitting Diode) Wall Panels are a valuable tool to communicate with your audience effectively and requires very little maintenance.  LED walls can be configured in many variations and are a great solution when using projectors is not possible. 

When spec'ing video equipment for a new design or integrating new gear into an existing system, it is important to know your equipment's capabilities regarding various resolutions and formats.


HD recording, streaming, and storage have become standard practice with most of our clients.




With our exclusive ETC® theatrical lighting catalog we will help you achieve the emotional and visual affect you are looking for.  Whether you are working with a set design for a more intimate church service, needing more architectural lighting control, or need to blow someone away with a rock show performance, we have what you need to exceed expectations.



Placing Acoustic Panels on walls or ceilings is the best way to eliminate reverb, echo, and reduce overall ambient noise in any room.  Common sound issues are caused mostly by sound waves reflecting off walls or any reflective surface.  Therefor, strategically placing acoustical panels on your known reflection points will not only effectively clean up the sound in the space, but the right amount will eliminate all echo and noise issues.  XL Mediaworks uses many different techniques and materials to make your space sound and react the best it can.  With our expertise in Acoustic Behavior, we can make your acoustic treatment not only take care of your sound issues, but add extra flair and style to your space's decor.

Integrated Acoustic Architecture
Brushy Creek Baptist Church - Easley, SC
Stage Acoustic Enhancement
Florence Baptist Church - Florence, KY
Acoustic Frequency Traps
Elevation Baptist Church - Knightdale, NC
Stretch Fabric Acoustic Wall Panels
The Refuge Church - Youth Room
Custom Fit Acoustical Panels
Spring Valley Baptist Church, Youth Room - Columbia, SC
Acoustically Transparent Sound Booth
Brushy Creek Baptist Church - Easley, SC
Balcony Acoustic Stripes
Elevation Baptist Church - Knightdale, NC
Full Acoustic Design
Lancaster Bible College - Lancaster, PA
Acoustic Ceiling Clouds
Florence Baptist Church - Florence, KY
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XLmediaworks, inc. is an industry leader in new construction and building revitalizations including auditoriums, FLC, conference rooms, and aux space design/build projects.  Our approach is to deliver engaging environments that authenticate the vision of our client.  We emphasize on better designed solutions with better equipment.  Our proven design/build method allows us to deliver our projects in accordance with "PLAN A."


Plan A - One's original plan or strategy. 

noun   |   \'plan\'ã\ 

    "There were no surprises at all.  Plan A worked perfectly."

Our design/build approach means concept through completion.  many hours of design, planning, and renderings are performed long before any wire or physical installation takes place.  We will coordinate with the other trades and give them the requirements for any electrical and conduit needs.  Gear is purchased and installed accordingly based on the construction or upgrade schedules.  The systems are commissioned and clients are trained as the project approaches completion.  This is when we really start spending a lot of time helping develop mixes and looks to keep the stress related to large construction off of the staff so everyone can focus on their responsibilities.

In addition to audieo, video , lighting, and acoustics, our XLmediaworks, inc. Custom Shop also designs and builds our custom staging and architectural enhancement products.  We provide consultation and master planning for long-term "vision-casting" purposes.  With a big vision, the expense can be a hard thing to manage, we can provide associated budgets to help determine what the possibilities are.  Acoustical analysis, CAD drawings, accurate 3D Renderings, and budget analysis are all part of the process that allows the customer to stick to "PLAN A!"

Full CAD Design

We work hand in hand with Architects, Electrical Engineers, & General Contractors to make sure your AVL Integration is as seamless as possible.  


Starting early on in the building process allows us to prevent any unnecessary hiccups along the way.  


From electrical layouts & and Conduit Requirements to Speaker and Projector locations; we leave no stone unturned in the functionality of any Worship Experience.