Event planning can be quite a tedious and time-consuming task, and there are many different aspects to consider and organize. As part of this planning, event lighting is one thing that many people fail to prioritize. However, you must keep this aspect in view and plan for it with everything you do.  At XLmediworks. Inc we are specialists in event lighting.

As a highly sought-after events production company in SC, we know what it takes to provide our clients with the best event lighting solutions. We are the production design company to call if you want to add the wow factor to your event and create a stunning look at the venue.

What is Event Lighting All About? 

While our team is here to help with every aspect of your event lighting requirements, we also like to keep our clients informed about what is involved in lighting for event venues. The experts have put together a guide to help you better understand how to get the best lighting. 

  1. Create A Lighting Plan 

Think about all the places where you want the main event lights to be. Some areas may need direct or spotlighting, while others may need diffused light. You need to know which activities will take place in the different venue areas and plan the lighting installations accordingly. It’s essential to survey the site and keep the size and spread of the venue in context to determine where you want the light fixtures to be. While planning this, it is also essential that you check the location of the power points.

  1. Determine Which Equipment You Need 

Up until a few years ago, traditional lighting rigs were a common feature at event venues. However, LED lights have given way to this type of conventional lighting. There will be different types of equipment in the lighting kit that the event lighting rental company provides. This equipment includes spotlights, uplighters, downlighters, flashing lights, and more. Skilled and experienced lighting designers will combine these to create the right effect at the venue. 

  1. Use Spotlights Smartly 

If you are organizing a conference and running keynotes and speakers, the stage will need some spotlighting. Most venues like these have basic lighting installations. But if you want to create a unique look and atmosphere for the event, you need to install spotlights for stage illumination and ambient lighting for areas where the audience is sitting. The colors you use for the entire space shouldn’t detract from what’s happening on the stage. The audience at a conference might want to read some literature or take notes, and you must select the right lighting level for this.

  1. Use color or stage washes 

Wash lighting helps fill spaces with colors and lights, and you can use it to illuminate the stage. If you have some displays at the event venue, color washes are an excellent way to highlight them. You can use plain white light or opt for colors that align with your corporate colors. 

  1. Uplighting 

Uplighters are installed on the ground and will illuminate signage and pop-up banners. You can select the color combination you want to create the right effect and impact at the venue. Modern uplighter products are battery-operated, and you don’t have to worry about tripping hazards and running wires throughout the venue. They are also a great option for areas that aren’t easily accessible or where old wired fixtures may be dangerous. You must install all the event lighting equipment (wireless and wired) safely.

  1. Install Gobos 

One of the best ways to create an impressive atmosphere at the venue is to install gobos. These unique event lights can beam patterns, designs, and your corporate logo into the event space. Consider which effects will look stunning, impress your audience, and plan these installations accordingly.

You can choose either moving or static gobos to project logos and patterns onto the ceiling to create a mystical look in the room. Moving gobos can create a superb light show. The events production company in SC you work with will provide their input and ideas and ensure that the gobos and other event lighting are synced well and complement each other. In addition to lighting, we also offer excellent acoustic designs solutions, which are necessary at many venues. 

  1. Incorporate Colored Event Lights 

In addition to lights in your corporate colors, you can also create multiple “zones’ at the venue using different colored lights. It’s a great way to direct people and help them find the areas they need to be in at the venue. For example, you can tell a guest looking for displays to the green zone. Cued lighting is a great way to grab the attendees’ attention.

  1. Day to night transition lighting 

Use a combination of color washes and up lighters to create the effect you want in a particular room. Most events have various segments, and you can use multiple colored lights to set the mood. If your guests stay on until later for a networking event and drinks, you can install day to night transition lighting.

A skilled and experienced product design company will take the time to understand your needs and how the event will progress before coming up with lighting design plans to suit your needs. Many event organizers Livestream the proceedings. In this case, the lighting designers will work with the videographers to understand their lighting requirements when filming. You would need a good recording of the event, ensuring there aren’t any dark zones.

  1. Use intelligent lighting 

Discuss your lighting requirement with the event lighting rental company. If the program is spread over the day and into the evening, consider installing smart lighting fixtures. The system will adjust the lighting automatically and effortlessly without any human monitoring and adjusting. This functionality can be very convenient, especially at a bigger venue with multiple lighting fixtures.

Event lighting can make or break the event, and you must work with skilled professionals who will understand your needs and provide customized event lighting solutions. For the best event lighting solutions, call XLmediworks. Inc at (803) 255-8887 or Contact Us via this link.